Tips for Hiring a Painting Contractor 

Almost every homeowner hires a painting contractor to repaint their house’s exterior. Whether you would have your home painted in the spring or fall, here are several tips to help make sure you would find the best residential painting company Centennial, CO. 

Painting Contractor

Call the Professionals 

Contact at least 3 various painting contractors for the project. Family and friends are great sources for references. You must be home for the 1st meeting with them. In this method, you would know much time each contractor took to check your house’s condition. You would get a more realistic estimate if the contractor took a lot of time assessing your house.  

Tell them about your Expectations 

The number of paint coating that the contractor applies is not the only aspect in identifying the price and quality of the job. The key here is preparation. Tell the painter if you want an area that is free of roughness from previous paint works. You must prepare extra cash for this. On the other hand, agree on what level of preparation isn’t acceptable if you are okay with few imperfections. 

Acquire Quotes 

From each painter, you must ask for a written quote. It must include the detailed explanation of the surface preparation that would be required, the model and brand of equipment, the number of paint and primer coats, material expenses, and labor.  

Hold Out 

Do not make a huge down payment. Usually, you must suppress the final payment of 10% up to 15%. You must only pay them by the time you are completely satisfied with the work. 

Look For Lead 

Older paint coats would probably contain lead, especially if your house was constructed before 1978. This means that the contractor may require taking additional safety precautions to prevent any harm.  

Select the Paint 

The contractor may attempt to talk you into the brand of paint he/she prefers. However, utilize the finish that you like. Just keep in mind that the contractor will not be able to warranty paint that is supplied by the owner.  

Ask for an Assurance 

The painting contractor must promise to fix any imperfections that happen within 2 years after the project is completed. The imperfections may include excessing chalking or fading, flaking, peeling, blistering, or chipping. The painter must fix these imperfections at little or no cost. Keep in mind that the warranty does not include the expenses for the labor if he/she says that the paint has warranty. Generally, labor is more expensive than the material.  

Get a Full Contract 

The contract you obtain must include all the main details of the painter, such as cell numbers and address. Be sure that the contract obviously states what’s not included in the project.  

Also, it is a great idea to get a copy of the contractor’s credentials, such as worker’s compensation and liability insurance. You could be in danger if the contractor does not have any credentials, especially if an accident happens during the project.  


Benefits of Hiring an Experienced Piano Moving Company 

Finding professional and really skilled piano movers can really be difficult. Of course, you want a professional moving service provider who’s experienced in conventional moving chores, however, you should also be able to find someone who can handle delicate musical instruments carefully. If you own a grand piano and you need the right assistance to safely and properly move it, then it is best that you only hire a professional and truly experienced moving company in your area. 

Moving Company

Why Is It Beneficial to Hire a Professional Piano Moving Company? 

While it’s entirely possible that you hire a regular residential or commercial moving company to move your stuff, chances are it’s not the case if you want to move your grand piano. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of benefits that you can get should you decide to hire an experienced and professional piano moving company in order to help you move instead of hiring a traditional mover. 

Professional and Experienced Piano Moving Companies Have the Right Equipment 

Hiring a professional piano mover will definitely make sure that your chosen moving companies have the right tools and equipment needed in order to safely move your grand piano. Hiring professional moving service providers with the right tools and equipment on hand will definitely eliminate any possibilities of creating damage to your piano and they will also make sure that your piano will be surely and safely moved to your new location. 

A lot of moving companies are actually inexperienced and unprepared in moving pianos as well as other large equipment and because of that, they might flat out and refuse to move your piano. But, when you get to hire a truly experienced and professional piano moving company, chances are they have the right tools and equipment to move your grand piano safely as well as provide you with any traditional moving needs you may have during your move. 

The Professionals Have the Right Experience and Expertise 

When talking about moving delicate equipment like grand pianos, chances are there’s nothing more reassuring and dependable that a highly experienced and reliable piano moving company. The moment you choose to hire a mover that doesn’t have the right experience or knowledge in moving pianos, chances are there might be some things that can go wrong during the process. It can be that they’re unable to maneuver or lift your piano or it can be that they do not have the right truck or any vehicle that is large enough to move your piano to your desired location.  

Professional Piano Movers Understand Their Clients Well 

If you’re a musician or a music lover, then you really know that any musical instrument should be handled properly. Fortunately, truly professional and reliable piano moving companies completely understand that musical instruments such as your piano should be handled as extremely fragile items and that one bump or jostle can definitely create damage to it. That understanding will definitely allow their customers to know exactly what it really takes in order to move your piano safely. 


Green Cleaning Your Carpets

There will be times that spot-cleaning just does not do the job. One day, you will notice that your carpets are darker than they were first installed. However, there is a way to avoid this situation. All you have to do is to green clean your carpet. 


Here is the complete guide on how to green clean your carpet from a company that offers green carpet cleaning in Edmonton: 

What You Need 

You will need white vinegar, borax, and salt. For the equipment, you will need a carpet steam cleaner and a vacuum. It will be explained later why you need some heavy equipment. 


First, you will have to begin with the traditional spot cleaning. Next, you will have to begin the heavy work. 

  • Vacuum 

Vacuum like you have never ever vacuumed your carpet. Take your time and go in three various directions. Get the particles, hair, and dust out of the carpet. 

  • Mixing 

Mix ¼ cup white vinegar, ¼ cup borax, and ¼ cup salt. Next, apply the solution to heavily soiled areas or deep stains in your carpet. Let the solution set for a few hours on the carpet until it completely dries. Vacuum the solution right away. 

  • Steam Cleaner 

Turn on the steam cleaner. A lot of people ask why use this equipment. This is because other options such as dry chemical cleaning uses chemicals which may remain in the carpet for too long. Steam cleaning and renting the equipment is the best way since the chemicals are optional. To improve efficiency, try to rent new equipment. However, if the machine that you rented is not brand new, do a little cleaning of the equipment. 

  • Skip Carpet Shampoo 

You don’t need to do carpet shampoo. Make sure that you are filling the equipment with really hot water because hot water alone could get most dirt out of your carpet.  

  • Soiled Carpet 

You can use 2.5 gallons of water and add 1 cup of white vinegar for a very deep cleaning if you have a carpet that is really soiled.  

  • Machine Modes 

Most equipment has two modes. First, you press a button and hot water will be released. Second, you release the button and it absorbs the water back. On the second mode, spend ¾ of your precious time. Soak your carpet then go over it 3 up to 4 times to dry it as much as you can.  

  • Steam Clean 

Again, steam clean your carpet for the 2nd time. Since you rented the equipment for 1 day, it is best to use it again and again.  

  • Drying 

Allow your carpet to completely dry. You can bring any furniture back once they are almost dry. However, professionals usually put aluminum foil under the furniture’s legs to prevent any stain onto your wet carpet. Let the carpet completely dry before you walk on them again to prevent staining. 

  • Disposal 

Lastly, responsibly dispose the water for the equipment. You can call a professional to ask how to properly dispose water waste.